A Tribute to a Great Man

I’ve taken some time away from the blog, and a few people have been wondering why…so I’m posting this tribute to honor my Dad. I lost my dad in November after his amazingly courageous battle with Parkinson’s Disease, and heart failure. I was caring for him in the last years of his life and would never trade the experience for anything else. My Dad has had a huge influence in my life and my art. He was a navigator in the air force for 4 years, a physician for 48 years, a physicist as a hobby, and also a musician. The most brilliant man I’ve ever known. He taught me as a young child that life was meant to be lived fully….that doing what makes you happy is what matters. He taught me that science was what made life livable, but art made life beautiful. He was also an amazing critic when it came to my work…i’ll never forget one day I was so excited… I was just getting started printing black and white prints in my darkroom. I made a very pretty print of a model’s face I had been working on, I immediately drove over to his house to show him…and he said, “that’s nice honey…now I’d like to see you tell a story with your photography.” That statement changed my photography forever. From that moment on, I realized how important a story was in making a photo come alive. In his last years, he taught me enough medicine to be his advocate and keep him alive a little longer. We spoke every day on the phone and he always had a joke to tell so we could laugh together and something to teach me so I could become smarter.

I maintained a very busy photo schedule this past season throughout all this, and I give deep thanks and gratitude to all the clients who supported me during this time, and for those clients who were patient enough to wait for extra time for their photos.

Thank you Dad for all the life lessons you taught me, words can not express what a loss your passing is to me, an example of how to live.. I love you Dad, you were and are my best friend.

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  • JoAnne CremerMarch 3, 2015 - 8:20 pm

    Thanks so much for taking the beautiful pictures at Jack Browns celebration.
    You captured the essence of the day and our love for such a great friend.
    Thank you Julie. See you in the waves. JoAnneReplyCancel

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