What My Clients Taught Me Yesterday

Yesterday, I was reminded why I do photography. Sometimes, life gets busy… photo shoots are scheduled and done, clients taken care of, staying up late at night making sure nothing is falling between the cracks. Between the emails, the phone calls, scheduling, shooting, etc., it gets a little crazy. Sometimes, we photographers talk about our amazing projects, or high maintenance clients, or scary assignments, its all in the name of building a career….And then suddenly you get that client who reminds you why you even do photography to begin with. That happened to me yesterday. Mother’s Day. I got a call the day before asking if I could do a session…without going into detail about the personal lives of my clients, I’ll just say they mentioned to me their family is facing one of life’s biggest challenges, and its scary and hard and emotional…So they decided to celebrate the ladies in the family with a photo session. As I was taking the photos, It occurred to me why I do photography….to just offer moments in time that people can hold onto. Time does not stand still, it marches on. I can’t hold in my hands the moments that meant so much to me in life, but I CAN use this tool, photography, to stop time for 125th of a second and give to others a vision of their life on this planet in a split second of time. Yes, I strive to bring out the beauty in people and work for the angle, and blah blah blah…and all of that pales in comparison to just being with others and letting them hold a moment still so they have a glimpse of their mark here on this earth with eachother before time changes things. That is powerful. To discover that is a gift to me. Thank you to my lovely clients for teaching me yesterday. I hope to give back to others ten fold.

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