Balance- Finding My Center in Yoga

Life has been demanding lately.   Running a photography business is challenging, all you photographers out there know what I am talking about.  Everyday life is challenging, I like it that way. I dive deep in life – I go full in.   Squeezing the juice out of life is my approach.  Enter YOGA.  I learned early on that exercise and nutrition are ways I can take care of myself on a daily basis…if i put on my own oxygen mask on first, i can assist others from a stronger place.  When i come to my mat for yoga, not only does my day improve, my ability to be a better photographer, friend, daughter, sister,  partner in a relationship improve.  I learn things about myself i did not know. I find curiousness.  I listen better.  For me, being a professional photographer is a rollercoaster ride of physical, emotional, and intellectual demands.  Working with clients… most of the time, they are sharing with me things deeply personal, that i respect, treasure, connect with, and honor in their images.

I fell in love with yoga so much that I did a teacher training a few years ago to learn more.  Now, (especially before a photo shoot), I practice yoga in my house, on the beach alone, or with my surf students….and my favorite treat to myself is to go to where it all began, at Yoga Pearl in Portland, OR.   A heated yoga class followed by a Tempest green smoothie is my ticket to a groovy and creative flow.   Recently I was challenged with knee surgery and have bounced back rather quickly. Clients need photos!  Learning the limitations of my body is new for me.  Very hard.  The result is, I’m deeper and better for it, and yoga has helped me find my way.  I’ve learned how to honor my body and not throw myself to the side for the sake of others.  I owe it to myself and others to be the best me I can be.  Thank you Yoga Pearl for creating such a healing, environment for me over the years.  I will always come back.  Pin itPin itPin it Yoga Pearl is on 9th and Davis in Portland, OR. Previously owned by a dear friend, and now owned by another dear friend.  It doesn’t get any better than this place.   If I could have a penny for every hour I spent sweating there, I would be a rich girl.



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